here you are..

in the museum.., met@mar.., 

-meet me..

on an island surrouded by the sea.

-in the moving images at the top

 see the building inside and stop

- on every page , an other hall...

with art on the wall

-the floor plan written in sand

will take you by the hand



hesitating on the edge...


that's how I would descripe this work.

not the outside world, but an escape to the inside world.

only in the domain of our dreams does humanity have complete creative freedom.

the painting ( I have worked on for month's) despicts the connection of our existance with the big picture.

it examines the laws of nature.

chaos results in a new order that wants to make itself known in works that will be made in this time of release.

everyone sees his own truth , that can also change.

what the paintings have to say only becomes clear when they are finished. 


title : hasitating on the edge

size: 200 x 100

material : oil on canvas

prize : 5900 euro



zie : paintings 










mar   -     jon


maassluissedijk 108

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